How we came about

The Blue Knights® are an Incorporated Fraternal Organisation comprising of Law Enforcement Officers from every aspect of Law and Order, who share a passion for Motorcycle Riding. The Blue Knights® came about as an Organisation in 1974 when a few friends from Bangor/Brewer, Maine, U.S.A. decided to form a local Recreational Motorcycle Club. This was to counter the adverse publicity and public perception of Motorcyclists following on from the Lawless Activities of the Motorcycle fraternity commonly known as the ‘Hells Angels’. Within two years of the small club being formed, it had become an International Organisation called the Blue Knights®. Today, the Blue Knights® have 637 Chapters in over twenty-three Countries (representing 30 Countries) spread across the World, with in excess of 17,000 members. There are 27 Chapters in the United Kingdom with some 700 members.

A newspaper article (circa 1974) with 6 of our 8 founders. From Left to Right:

Mike Hall, Doug Minor, Chuck Shuman, Ed Gallant, Chuck Gessner, Joel Rudom
(not in picture – Bill Robinson, Wayne Labree)

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